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In the area of Tehachapi, Golden Hills and Summit CA


We offer one of the best local pest control services in the Tehachapi CA area by using expert exterminators. Some of the pests that they specialize in are bed bugs, termites, ants, rats, spiders, and wasps. We have tons of different removal & treatments that will permanently keep these rodents away from your house for good. As seen later on, we take tons of pride in the many different monthly services that woff. We make sure that we provide our customers with the absolute best of the best pest control service in the business. We work great with quick removals or monthly programs to make sure your house stays 100% critter free all the time.


Reasons why you should hire our company:


  • Over 25 years of professional experience
  • Based out of Tehachapi CA (Locally)
  • We have the proper insurance and licensed for our company
  • Everyone at our company is trained
  • Free quotes when you ask for the,
  • We are quick and get the job done quickly


Taking into consideration of all of the DIY tactics that someone could use, there seems to be one lingering problem with all of them: They never eliminate the problem. Oftentimes, they never fully get rid of the nest which contains some leftover larva in it. The infection then starts to reform. As time goes on, it ends up causing a ton of damage to your home because they just keep coming back.


If you decide to hire Bez Valley, we don’t just provide service, but also the best inspections around. The one call could be a huge investment for you. We make sure to take the utmost pride in making sure all of our customers are happy with our monthly treatment services.


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