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Providing the cities of Taft, Bakersfield and more local pest control services.


At our company, we have different pest control services in Taft, CA that include some of the world’s best exterminators. They specialize in pests that include rats, roaches, wasp, spiders, and bed bug removal. The best part about these programs is that they get rid of those awful pests for good. As you can see below, we make sure that our company is 100% prepared to suit any of your pest control needs. We have the best resume around. If you are looking for a huge monthly plan, or just looking to quickly remove some pests, we are the ones to call!


Our resume!


  • Locals based in Taft California
  • 25 years in the business
  • Fully trained, and insured
  • We offer free quotations
  • We work quickly but very effectively


There hundreds of DIY pest control programs/tactics that people can try to use. The issue with these is that there is a lingering problem that these programs don’t fully get rid of. They normally don’t get to the underlying main cause of the problem such as destroying the home. This means that there can be lots of leftover larva that still is around. There is a chance that it could cost you more money.


When you decide Bez Valley, we don’t only offer up treatments, but the best inspections around to actually get to that root we mentioned. This should save you endless amounts of money in the long run. We take pride in the treatments we offer to our clients.


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