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We provide local pest control services in Oildale, CA with expert exterminators that specialize in termite, bed bugs, spiders, ants, rats, roaches, spider, wasp removal & treatment that will keep them away from your home for good. We offer several monthly services as shown below and we take pride in providing our customers with insect control that is the very best in business. Whether you are looking for quick removal of the annoying pests or monthly program to keep your home completely critter free, we are the company to call.

Here are some of the reasons that make us a great company to call

  • Local company based in Bakersfield
  • We have over 25 years experience
  • We are properly licensed, insured & trained
  • We provide free quotation
  • We are very quick and true experts at performing many of the advanced pest control services

There are many DIY pest control tactics out there for one to try, but the when you have a lingering problem a lot of times the issue is that the DIY extermination does not get the complete colony of the infestation, which means that the nest or larva still exists inside the home and the bugs can come back. Overtime it can cause some costly damage to your home which can get very bad, we’ve seen it all.

When you call Bez Valley, we not only perform treatments but professional inspections that get to the very root of the problem. One quick call can save you thousands of home repair costs down the road and we take pride in providing peace of mind to our clients many of whom we provide monthly treatment services.

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