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Located near the area of Arvin and Ribier CA


Our services consist of pest control. We are mainly located near Arvin CA but cater to all of the surrounding cities as well. We have an expert line up of exterminators that can easily remove bed bugs, spiders, rats, ants, roaches, spiders and others. All of our treatments will keep those awful critters away for good. As move down our website you will see that we offer tons of monthly services and make sure that all of our pest control service is the best in the business. We especially work good with quick removals or monthly removal programs. Make sure to call today!


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  • Locally operated out of Arvin California
  • 25 years of experience in the bank
  • We are fully and properly insured and trained
  • Free quotes if you call
  • We are quick and experts at many pest control services


There are hundreds if not thousands of different DIY pest control tactics that someone can try out for their home. The issue that tends to be similar for all is that these programs never get rid of the root of the problem. They tend to not get the colony of the infestation which could lead to leftover larva. Over time, these bugs have the ability to come back. It can end up causing you a ton of money.


But when you make that simple call to Bez Valley, we offer state of the art inspections along with our top notch inspections that always get to the root of the issue. A call to our company can save you hundreds of dollars in the future. We make sure to provide a peace of mind to any of our customers that use our monthly treatment services.


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