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Termidor Ant Extinguisher Entire Colonies in Few Days
Termindor is odorless, undetectable liquid that is used to treat an area where there is ant problem. Once treated, the ants will come into contact with it unknowingly to their peril. The substance will stick to the ant and it transfers to other ants once they get back to their colony, as it transfers the substance begins to kill off the whole colony. The days of using small ant traps to poison a small percentage pale in comparison with what is possible with professionally treated termindor insect killer. You will see your ant problems beginning disappear as more ants come into contact with the substance & carry it back to their nest. It is a brilliant innovation that gives the power back to the homeowner. Bez Valley offers professional solutions that gets the job done effectively & safely, without the overuse of harmful chemical.
Smart Way for Spider Removal
We have various spray & processes we incorporate to get rid of spiders from a home or commercial property. Some we have learned as standard practice in our industry, others we have learned through our 25 years of experience. Spiders generally like to lay their nest in the nooks & corners of a home, generally where there is some shade. As we treat these areas that are ideal for spider nests, we protect the home from current & future invasions by these insects. Spiders generally live 1 year, our aim is get rid of them in weeks through destroying their favorite areas.
Roaches One of the Most Resilient Insect, But We Have the Answer
Roaches are notorious for be able to survive the harshest environments, from surviving in high radiation places, to be able to survive months without food, & even up to 45 minutes without air by slowing their heart rate. They have evolved to withstand it all, until Bez Valley enter the picture. We have the solution. Cockroaches are really no match for our powerful insect repellent and extermination sprays. As much as the insect kingdom in all their brilliance has made the evolutionary upgrades, the industry has come out with greater technological leaps in formulating their exact Kryptonite. Call us today & be amazed how rapidly we get those suckers killed.
Destroy & Remove Fleas For a Healthier Home
Fleas can bite not just your pets but your family as well, they can contain disease the can become infectious. There has been many allergies linked to these critters and so keeping them regulated and having the right steps to take care ofl them at all times is very important especially if you have pets that run around out doors all the time. We have safe protocols to get rid of fleas without causing further harm, we also educate home owners on best prevention practices.
Tick Carry Infectious Diseases, If Spotted Call Help Immediately
Ticks are the nastiest of your pest problems, if spotted professional help need to be hired asap. Tick are second to only mosquitoes when it comes to transferring infectious diseases to humans & pets. They are notorious for transmitted Lyme disease which is a very serious infection that is hard to get rid of, they also carry countless other diseases including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, equine encephalitis, tularemia, several forms of ehrlichiosis, Colorado Tick Fever. Leave it up to Bez Valley to provide fast & effective removal of Tick problems. We take these calls very seriously.
Act Fast If You Spot Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs can be a nasty problem and it gets exponentially worse if you leave it as they lay eggs and rapidly reproduce. First signs of bed bugs can be extremely itchy torso upon awaking. You should be able to spot them with the naked eye. Bed Bug Treatment can become costly depending on their scope of infestation. They feed on blood much like mosquitoes so you will know of their presence first & foremost, sometimes waking people up from sleep due to the irritation & itchiness. Take note of what they look like with the picture on the left, if you suspect their visit call us immediately to get them removed as soon as possible before the condition gets worse.
Termite can damage your property
House & commercial properties get damaged every year by termites, estimated over 1 billion in property damage annually. We have the latest techniques to first inspect then exterminate your termite problems, and we have programs to maintain protection over your properties from termites. We have decades of experience in dealing with these nasty critters and we educate our customers on the proper protocol to keep termites away forever after we completely kill & remove the termite colonies.

Other exterminator services include the following:

  • Wasp / Bee Removal
  • Mice / Rodent / Rat / Vermin
  • Commercial & Residential Services
  • Subterranean Termite Treatment & Whole House Fumigation
  • bird / pigeon removal
  • squirrel
  • mosquito
  • non toxic & organic options


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