Spider Control

Let’s face it. Spiders extermination and control is a royal pain in the “you-know-what”. Not only are they pesky, they are known to be dangerous if bitten for some species and varieties have poisonous venom that ranges from mild irritation to even *death*!

Locally, it’s especially a nuisance considering the hot, humid climate making it a breeding ground for spider nests.

Next to ants, spiders are the second most common human pest generating tons of calls to spider removal services county wide.

Thankfully, with smart preventive spider control measures in place you can avoid encountering these creepy crawlies altogether ensuring your home is protected both night and day.

Here are a few helpful and practical tips to get you started in the right direction:

Excessive moisture is the perfect breeding ground for pests such as roaches, ants and mosquitoes. Why is this important? If you have live plants or shrubs in your home, spiders instinctively build their nests in or around these areas for easy access to a quick meal. Avoid overwatering at all costs.

One of the most common areas for spiders to hide are at the top of trees and shrubs with it’s excess foliage rubbing against your home and/or garage area. This creates the ‘spider web in your face’ effect where you’re flailing your arms wildly apparently at the air. It’s the perfect bridge to weave their webs and catch small flying critters for food such as flying ants, mosquitos and flies. We recommend routinely trimming and cutting the excess foliage to prevent this from happening.

Although homes are a spiders preferred place of nesting, dark corners especially in garages that are hard to get to is black widows favorite place of abode. Any area you’re unlikely to ever reach, inspect or clean is the area where they are likely to build their homes. Check them periodically and keep items away from touching the walls directly. We recommend hiring spider control services for safety reasons and possible fumigation.

Speaking of Black Widows the way you identify one is by it’s black color and red hourglass shaped abdomen. Although they tend to avoid human contact, if you enter your basement, for example, looking for an item rummaging around a space you haven’t frequented for months or possibly years, exercise greater caution.

Black Widows when delivering a bite causes the skin to swell and redden. It’s incredibly painful and causes paralysis to set in over the entire body. They’re not fatal to adults but are deadly to young children and the elderly. So if you have children or the elderly living in your home we recommend multiple pest control inspections depending on the size of your estate.

Lastly, If there’s junk sitting outside your home for long periods of time lining against the exterior wall, we recommend decluttering the area immediately to prevent future problems.

There’s no doubt that spiders are useful to human beings by removing unwanted insects, bugs and other small pests, except no one wants them roaming around in their homes! Call Bez Valley Pest Control today for your free estimate!