Roach Control


They’re every homeowners worst nightmare come true.

They’re creepy. Crawly. Ugly. Nasty. And gives you the heebie jeebies. Not only is their nature vile and disgusting, they consume food that doesn’t belong to them, make themselves neighbors where they aren’t wanted and are one of the biggest carriers of disease (next to rodents) on this planet.

Bez Valley got the right solution.

Let’s explore the three most common roaches in the local Kern County area:

The German Roach – Typically found indoors, the German roach attaches itself to grocery bags or other carryable items. They spread faster than the others and they’re favorite hiding spot is the kitchen and bathroom area. Infestation can get heavy really quick without professional treatment.

The American Roach – The largest of the three, these roaches have wings and can fly short distances. Typically, they stay outside and are known to find their way in warm, damp areas such as flowerbeds with mulch.

The Oriental Roach – Usually found rummaging through garbage they tend to wander inside homes under doors with missing door sweeps, gaps or lack of weather stripping. Like the American roach they also are fond of mulched areas, under rocks and inside cracks on a house foundation.

Here are a few roach prevention tips to keep them away from inside your home:

Seal ALL exterior crevices and cracks with professional sealant to prevent them from eating through. Cover your vents and windows with heavy-duty screens.

Routinely clean areas where food is commonly stored, cooked or eaten at least once a month and if you typically keep dishes piled up, wash them as-you-go while keeping your kitchen grease-free.

Use trash cans that sport heavy secure lids to detract any attempt to get through.

Dust your home frequently.

All furniture or electric items are too be thoroughly inspected before being brought into your home. Many of them may be second-hand items that sat in humid, hot conditions in warehouses or outside of people’s homes for long periods of time. Evidence of roach activity is not always obvious but if you see eggs it’s best to get rid of that item entirely.

Lastly, some people assume a good prevention is spray repellent. Unfortunately, those spray can roach repellents with the fancy labels won’t do you much good except waste your hard earned money. If anything it’ll only cause them to build resistance and multiply in their numbers causing greater infestation.

What you need is Cockroach killer. Cockroach control that will zap ’em on the spot and permanently cease their existence. This is typically done with a fumigation process involving a number of complicated steps to ensure they never bother you and your family again.

Ultimately, if you desire to get rid of cockroaches (and who doesn’t?) we recommend calling your nearest pest control exterminator today before it’s too late and they hold the deed to your home. Don’t let your roach problem get out of hand. Call a professional and schedule your free consultation today!