Mouse, Rat, Rodent Exterminators

Rodents such as rats and mice are one our local city’s most common pest. Aside from being a cat’s favorite “plaything”, rodents have absolutely no value to society aside from being a disgusting nuisance.

There are few things more startling than the sounds of pitter-patter on your roof or the dashing of mice across the kitchen floor to seek cover after having contaminated your food supply.

There are 3 types of rodents you should be especially aware of in this country: Roof Rats, Norway Rats and House Mice.

Roof rats stretch as much as 16 inches long with a tail longer than their head and body put together.

Typically you’ll hear them roaming around in large spaces such as your attic and sometimes within hollow walls. They are light grey to dark black and have pointed “Pinocchio” noses.

We don’t recommend attempting to take on these particular rats head on because they can bite, chase and cause terror in the home. A professional rodent trapping program is necessary to catch and kill while preventing future activity.

Norway rats also stretch 16 inches long but have a body that is larger than their tail with a blunted nose tip. They look virtually identical to the Roof rates save for the small differences and their preferred way of entry are the lower levels of a house or business structure.

They tend to find their way in through doors and because of their flexible body structure it’s recommended you keep all doors as tight as possible throughout the year. These can pose a bigger threat to young children and small pets.

House mice are miniature versions of the roof rat. Although not as intimidating what they lack in size they tend to make up for in numbers. Often times people will use standard mouse traps or mice poison to get rid of them but what people find is that after they successfully kill one, more of them take its place. The best way to kill them off is to do it via a professional mouse extermination service.

There are several rodent prevention tips you can apply today to prevent a problem from taking place at all such as keeping your trees trimmed away from the building; pick up fruit that fell from fruit trees; empty the trash each night before bed (never let it sit overnight); and make sure there are no openings the size of a quarter for rats or the size of a dime for mice for them to enter and cause trouble.

There are several rodent exterminators that use a variety of rat poison and mouse traps to get rid of rodents quickly. So if you suspect you are facing an army of rodents in your home or office, call the rodent control specialists today to request a free estimate. Due to the health implications of harboring these disease ridden animals for any length of time you must act now and contact our rodent inspector to prevent further infestation.

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