Fun and Exciting Things To Do In Bakersfield 

Bakersfield is often known as a small city area and the perception is that there isn’t much here to do. On the contrary. There are tons of activities that takes place in the ‘Big Little City’ that’ll keep you and the little ones pre-occupied for days on end.

Below are four hot destinations you should check out on your way here to Bakersfield:


Popular attractions include: Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Miniature Golf, Arcade Games, and Batting Cages. You can host birthdays and other group events here, too.

And as an adult you might think, “Well, it’s a great place for the kids to run around and have fun” leaving you out of the festivities, but you’ll be surprised how engaged you become when you begin to feel like a kid again.

Camelot says, “The Place Where Families Come and Play!” And we’d say they’re spot on.

Crystal Palace and Museum

Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace and Museum is a showroom full of live music, dancing, tons of memorabilia and of course, lots and lots of eating.

This is the one place you come to in Bakersfield where you’re looking to have a BLAST, amazing food, concerts and alcohol-induced dancing (smiles).

Even if you’re not a fan of country music you’ll be lured in by its charm, enjoying classic country BBQ and butter biscuits while finding yourself humming along to tunes all evening after the show. The memories never leave.

Service is solid, there’s plenty of parking, but be warned, events sell out very quickly, so you have to be diligent to get a seat. Reservations are required.

Murray Family Farms

Murray Family Farms is owned and operated by the Murray Family where they serve fresh fruits, snacks, and hot cooked items. There freshly picked fruits are always excellent and available for samples and on sale at many fruit markets in the surrounding area.

Prices are family friendly and affordable to everyone who stops by to pay the farm a friendly visit.

Activities include: Auntie Annabell’s Animal Garden, Mount Murray Slide N’ Ride, The Bounce Pillow, Barnyard Ball Toss, U-Pic, Butterfly House, Hey Rides, Corn Cannons, Face Painting, Pumpkin Patch and Animal train.

Overall, this farm is a bonding experience with family and friends of every age imaginable.

Fox Theater

This classic theater is immaculate from head to toe. The insides are beautiful, the lobby is spacious so you have plenty of room to mingle with family, friends and other concert goers, and the location sits on prime real estate next to popular eateries for a before and after show meal.

You’ll come across everything from comedies to musicals, local and national acts. It’s an intimate setting that allows you to get ‘up close and personal’ with acts’ as opposed to stadium-type venues at a fraction of the cost.

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