Flea Extermination

Truth is you want to do more than control fleas. You want to know how to kill fleas. These little buggers thrive in the local warm climate latching themselves most commonly on to dogs, followed by cats and sometimes humans. Bez Valley got the solution.

How do you identify flea infestation?

If you see unusual dark droppings or white eggs on your pets fur and your pet is scratching, licking and biting itself out of desperation, you may have a problem.

Other typical signs of long-term flea problems are scabs, hair loss and anemia symptoms from the rapid loss of blood.

In situations like this it’s important you are extra careful in handling your pet personally because as mentioned earlier fleas can and will latch themselves on to humans and cause just as much damage.

To prevent fleas from materializing in the first place we recommend catching and snuffing out the problem at the first sign of trouble to contain the infected area and remove it before it spreads its borders.

First, take the time to analyze and inspect your pets fur by lifting up it’s hair and looking for obvious dark spots on its skin.

Next, bathing and grooming is essential regularly followed by changing of bedding.

Lastly, it’s important you sweep, vacuum and mop all hard ground surfaces. If you know that fleas are there, throw out the vacuum bag (and even the mop if necessary) after use.

To give you an idea of your pets greatest enemy, check out these interesting facts about fleas:

They’re dark, reddish-brown ranging in height from 1/16 to 1/8-inch long in diameter. They’re wingless yet jump more than 20x it’s height. They’re mouths are designed to pierce and suck blood from it’s victim. It’s eggs are smooth and white while it’s larvae are slender and worm-like. It’s life cycle is goes as high as 6-months but the issue is not the individual flea, but the colony of fleas that spawn together.

Obviously with stats like that you’re looking at a serious pest control problem. Catching mice, spiders, and roaches is one thing. You can see them. But catching fleas is an entirely different beast because they are difficult to spot with the naked eye and number in the millions.

You’ve seen the flea product commercials such as powders, shampoos and chemical foggers on television, but what they don’t tell you are those solutions are commonly temporary lasting for a few days or at best, a couple of weeks and they’re very toxic and poisonous.

Therefore, if you intend on having successful flea control we recommend you hire a professional flea exterminator specialist to do a thorough job.

Getting rid of fleas is no easy task requiring high-tech equipment to totally eliminate them. Call us, the pro flea killers, for a free estimate.