Top Companies To Work For In Bakersfield, CA 

Typically when people move to a new city they’re often stuck as to where to find work to support themselves and their families. Others may already live in the city and are unaware of the numerous amount of job opportunities available to them on any given day.

However, if you were to take a gander at popular job listing sites such as Indeed.Com you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from of which to submit your resume today so you can begin earning an income and become a productive member of society in your local community.

Below are some examples of jobs and careers we’ve round with room for growth and expansion for you to seriously consider:

There are a range of jobs available now in Bakersfield in healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, business and consumer services, government non-profit, construction and real estate, staffing, telecommunications, media and internet, agriculture and mining, transportation and information technology. Here are a some that are available with recent job openings of which to apply:

Perkins and Marie Callender’s – Here you can be a baker, busser, cashier, dishwasher, host(ess), prep cook, lead cook, service leader, and more. Other similar establishments include Chili’s, Red Lobster, Panera Bread, Jack In The Box, Olive Garden and Black Angus Steakhouse.

In the healthcare field you can work at places such as the San Joaquin Community Hospital where they’re always hiring for Certified Nurses, Clinical Lab Scientists, Cooks, Lab Assistants, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Clinical Dietician, Speech Therapists and Security Officers.

Other companies that offer such jobs include CVS Health and Pharmacy, Clinica Sierra Vista, Bakersfield Heart Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Mercy Hospital, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, and Health South.

In the Retail sector you have Petsmart, Home Depot, Dollar General, Target, Toys R’ Us, Bevmo, Vons and Superior Grocers where you can apply to be a Clerk, Manager, Sales Team, Store Director, Decorator, Planner, Cashier, Produce Supervisor and other related retail jobs.

Next you have Education where you can apply to work at places such as Kern Community College District, California State University, Kern County Superintendent of Schools, University Of Phoenix, International Education, Rio Bravo-Greeley Union School District, Kaplan, and Grimmway Schools.

Applicable jobs available in this industry include Teacher/Instructor, Janitor, Groundskeeper, Budget Analyst, Counselor, Custodian, Engineer, Plumber, Roofer, HVAC Crew, Liberian, Nurse, and Principle.

In conclusion, we hope this list has been helpful enough to give you some ideas on the kind of jobs and careers you can apply for in the city. Obviously this list changes with the times as positions are filled and others are available, but we believe this list gives you a good general idea of what you can expect here in Bakersfield.

We have a diverse number of jobs that’s not focused on any one industry in particular to accommodate people like yourself with all kinds of different skill sets.

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