Bed Bug Extermination

We are 25 years experience, sought after Bed Bug Exterminators in Bakersfield, CA.We use the latest industry standard techniques to ensure these nasty critters never come back.

“Night, night! don’t let the bedbugs bite!” is a common mantra we chant as a playful way of wishing a child, relative or significant other to bed. Sadly, bed bugs are anything but playful in nature. Here in Bakersfield these blood-sucking parasites are common because of the warm weather climate that makes it easy for them to breed in abundance.

Although the nature of infestation is unknown to modern scientist we can speculate that the most likely culprit is the increased human-to-human contact in recent years via travel, banning of pesticides and insecticide resistance.

Of these three scenarios travel is most prominent with bed bugs attaching themselves to suitcases and clothing material.

If you’re concerned about bed bugs invading your home, there are simple tests you can conduct right now to see if you have this problem.

The first test is if you notice blood specks or shedded skin surrounding your bed area. That’s a tell-tale sign.

As for the second test; are you itching anywhere excessively especially after having laid down on a bed especially around the torso area? If so, that’s another sign.

The third test is if you can visibly see a light yellow color (immature bed bugs) or dark reddish brown color (adult bed bugs). Again, this can be seen with the naked eye.

The fourth test is to look at all folds and seams of bed linens, cracks within the bed work frame, mattresses, box springs, curtains and underneath exposed wallpaper near the bed and furniture. If you see signs of unusual activity you must act quickly before it spreads to other areas of your home.

Those three test provide important clues on if you need bed bug treatment or not.

If you want to learn how to kill bed bugs, there are simple “do-it-yourself” solutions you can implement.

One way to keep bed bugs from physically invading your bed space to feed is to pull the bed away from shelves and walls while covering the legs of the bed with a thick coat of vaseline.

Another effective home remedy is to take a thick brush and vacuum the surrounding area with strong suction.

Another method is to caulk the cracks in the bedroom area and by creating a barrier of chalk or silica aerogel around the bed posts at ground level. Double-sided carpet tape and clear sticky tape are also known to be good bed bug remedies to capture them en masse.

You also have the most popular option of hiring professional bed bug exterminators to do all the dirty work and get rid of bed bugs for you; ensuring you eliminate all bed bugs completely in a single day.

Bed bug treatment cost is relatively inexpensive compared to most pest control services and you are guaranteed to receive a thorough cleaning without recurrence when done properly the first time. Call Bez Valley pest control service center for a free estimate today!