Ant Control

Cheap California pest control can be a bit challenging to find, but with the right resources and information to help narrow your search you can find an inexpensive ant control solution to solve your problems today.

We realize that ant removal can be a downright frustrating experience if you were to attempt to do it on your own. Ants build their nests outside of homes as they travel in and out for precious food and water resources at your expense.

Catching these critters in the act is simple enough, it’s rounding them up that’s the problem. Therefore, ant traps and ant repellent should be left to the professionals saving you an enormous amount of time and money attempting to do so on your own.

There are many ants people encounter in America, but there are two specifically you should keep an eye out for here in the local California area:

Argentine Ants – their food of choice is anything sweet (candy, cake and pie crumbs) and oily (French fries and potato chips). These critters are especially a nuisance because their colonies typically consist of multiple queens capable of laying 60 eggs plus per day so killing them involves a complicated procedure of getting to the root of the ant infestation.

Tell-tale signs of Argentine ants are trails up trees, buildings, and your home

Fire Ants – If Argentine ants are notorious for invading the home, fire ants are famous for invading the human body when threatened!

RIFA’s (Red Imported Fire Ants) typically seek indoor shelter nearby during summer months.

The reason why these are more dangerous and you need to call us today if you suspect an ant problem is because they are known to attack human beings who disturb their hidden underground nest mounds. Numbering in the millions they can swarm a human body to attack within seconds leaving nasty and uncomfortable bug bites, sores and rashes.

They are especially cumbersome on crops, plants and can also kill newborn calves within minutes.

We understand your goal is to get rid of ants in your residential home or business so any ants found crawling around may entice you to stomp them out or spray insecticide, however, for preventive pest control to work it’s best to let the infected ants transfer the killing agent to other ants to effectively stop them in their tracks.

You may have heard of a professional fumigation preventive pest control agent called Termidor Termite Control. Thousands of homes have been treated with this product in the United States alone. It’s undetectable and is proven to work like gangbusters to control and totally eliminate entire ant colony populations.

A few tips we recommend you follow to prevent ants from showing up in your residence or place of business include cleaning any food spilled as well as drinks the moment it happens. Remove garbage once a day never allowing it to fill to the top. Rinse out jars, cans and containers containing remnants of food or sugary drinks. Store pet food in a safe place. And seal all doors and windows where cracks are noticeable.

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